Why Hydroseed?

• The cost is of hydro-seed is about 70% less expensive than sod, and much more effective than hand seeding. You get to
enjoy a beautiful lawn without the back breaking work.
• Fertilizer and nutrients are mixed right into the seed and mulch, it absorbs moisture and gives the seed the perfect
environment to grow in.
• Germination takes less than 2 weeks, you will enjoy full results in around one month.
• You get a better quality grass seed, for that lush emerald green lawn that will make your neighbors jealous.
• We allow you to choose your own variety of seed mixes, there are hundreds of varieties to choose from, including
drought and shade tolerant varieties.
• Hydroseeding develops a better deep root system, helping prevent disease, ensuring a beautiful and durable lawn.
• Hydroseeding is non-toxic, friendly to both pets and the environment.